Gobies LRF Style

I love to fish ultra light for mini species with gobies being one of my favourite. Although not the most exciting of fish, I am always delighted to catch them.

The Set Up

I’m using a simple split shot rig with a small section of vermz or isome.   A size 14 hook and a split shot three inches up from the hook.    Such a simple but effective rig.

Shopping List

Size 14 Hooks

Split Shot

Isome Worms

The Method

  • Cast out and retrieve extremely slowly. This method allows you to cover a large area of water.
  • Drop the rig down the side of harbor walls. Subtly give the lure movement with small flicks of the rod tip.
  • Work the lure around fish folding structures.
  • Fish can sometimes be found in rock pools. Tempt them out of their hiding spots with slight movements of the lure.

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