Old School Paraffin Lamp

I want to review a recent perchance. My lighting of choice is usually a headlamp, but with winter approaching and a touch of nostalgia I decided to purchase a stormlanten.

After a bit of research I decided to go with a feurhand parrafin lamp. It was slightly more expensive than the other versions that are out there but what drew me to it was the quality.


Feurhand have been making these lanterns for over 100 years with little change to the original design. It’s simple, well engineered, functional , fuel efficient and built to last a lifetime.

The design is elegant and has a beauty to it that’s unmatched in my opinion.

Using the lantern

To use the lamp you fill it with your choice of parrafin (careful to not pass the fill line). After it’s full and you have waited sufficient time for the wick to soak up the fuel, you simply pull a leaver to lift the glass, light the wick, lower the glass and turn the adjuster wheel to adjust the flame to the desired brightness.

Premium paraffin

To extinguish the flame you simply use the adjuster wheel to lower the wick into the base of the latern and extinguish the flame.

What I think about the lantern

Old school fishing lantern

I was eager to test the lantern so a spur of the moment fishing session was in order. I read that these lamps will leak fuel if tipped over (because it’s not a closed airtight system), so when traveling in the car I stored the lantern in a small plastic bucket.

It was a cold, slightly windy drizzly winters night. I had no problems lighting the lantern and it managed to stay alight the whole fishing session with no problems.

I hung the lantern on the railings on my fishing base camp. The light wasn’t super bright , it gave off a warming glow just enough for me to see (although I did need to use my headlamp a number of occasions for the more fiddly tasks).

The lamps warm glow made me feel cosy despite the conditions. I absolutely adored using this lantern!!!

Final thoughts

Although I would definitely not recommend this lantern for your ONLY source of light whilst fishing I HIGHLY recommend this lamp!

It has a magical nostalgic elegant simplistic quality about it that I find has been lost in this modern age.

I am very happy with my purchase and have gained a fishing companion those bitter nights, which this lantern will be occupying me for a lifetime.

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