What’s in my fishing bag?

I’ve been using this fishing bag for 15 years plus

My main bits box

I use a double sided HTO light game box. Slit foam on one side and compartments on the other

slit form side of case

In the slit foam compartment i keep a variety of jig heads slightly different hook sizes and weights.  Below the I have a selection of hooks with larger than normal eyes, sizes 4, 8 and 10.  I have these large eye hooks so I’m able to use them in combination with cheb weights, that said I also use them as general purpose hooks for things like dropshots e.t.c.

I also have a couple of normal tiny size 14 sedge hooks that I use when targeting micro species.

Above the hooks I have a range of 5 gram metals.

Bits box side of the case

Here I store my dropshot weights.  I mostly have 3 gram. 

Next to my dropshot weights I have a selection of three types of cheburashka (Cheb) weights , 2 gram, 3 gram and 5 gram.    I use these in combination with the large eyed hooks I mentioned on the split foam side of the case.

I have a small selection of split shot and beads (used for attraction).

Next row down I have a selection of tiny lure clips, micro swivels (I mostly use to to the top of dropshot rigs so I can reused them).

Then I have a selection of lures. I offen chop and change these and these are mainly my experimental lures.

My pocket box

My pocket lure box

This box is from the Eco Gear pocket in. The original lures are not in it I have since replaced them with my personal favourites.

This is my go to lure box for bass that I keep in my trouser pocket when fishing.   I have white bugsy lures, greenish brown G Tails,  slightly luminous paddle tails  and my favourite size 8 hook jig heads.

In reality this is all I need to catch decent bass. I carry the bigger box to add variety to my fishing.

Artificial baits, Reel, and multi tool

Artificial baits, a Swiss army knife and a 1000 sized reel

I use a 1000 Shimano fixed spool.  This one is a little nicer than the 1000 FC I recommend in my budget section (still an amazing reel by the way)

I carry an angler swiss army knife. Used it for many years.  I find it is all I really need.

My infamous Vermz and isomes.  I’ve probably talked about these to death by now.

Headlight of choice

Pretzl headlamp

I use a petzl battery operated headlight. Nothing particularly special about this one, I trust the brand and it serves me well. 

Other bits

Flouroshield, a priest and two urine sample pots

Berkeley Flouroshield in 4lbs, it’s a hybrid between fluorocarbon and mono line. I absolutely love this stuff. I use it as a leader for my braid.

I also used to use it as a mainline before switching to braid. As great as braid is I’m considering going back to Flouroshield straight through as I like to keep things simple and it would be nice to not have to deal with the faff of having to tie leaders in the dark.

I have a priest to dispatch fish I intend to take home for the table. Mostly herring but I do take home the occasional bass although I try to not take too many of them (Perhaps one or two a year).

And the urine sample pots (which I’m sure you’ve already noticed). I don’t tend to keep verms or Isome in their original packaging once opened, as soon as I’ve opened a packet I transfer them into these pots (one for verms and one for Isome).

I packet stored this way usually lasts me 1 year of fishing l.

The pots are great as they were free, never leak (no pun intended) and each packet is able to store a whole packet of artificial baits.

And that’s basically it for me. This is my bag and is the stuff I like to take with me on my fishing trips.

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