Big LRF Bass

A big bass caught duration an ultra light fishing session at my local dock at night.

I headed out around 9pm where I intended to catch some bass and do some experimenting with a variety of LRF lures.

I started off using some isome on a jig head with a size 8 hook.

Probably about 10pm I saw a big bow wave in the water.  I assume a bass (although I don’t really know ).   Isome wasn’t getting me bites, so I switched to grass minnows (determined to catch on these), sadly not a sniff.

So I tried my old faithful Vermz.  I started off using them really close to the wall.

I had no luck fishing close to the wall.

Next I decided to try at a distance and retrieve the lure slowly across the bottom. After a few casts at 11pm I finally felt a little tug.

I gently pulled back on the rod, set the hook and felt something with a bit of weight.  Then suddenly line starts screaming off my little reel!

  I’m starting to get a little concerned the fish might spool me at this point, so I tighten my drag a little.

With everything under control, the fish is still taking line but at a much slower rate now. The HTO rod and budget Shimano reel is handling the fish well!!!

So now it’s just a case of tiring the fish out.

The fish finally starts tiring and I start gaining line back.   At around 30 yards out the fish surfaces and starts jumping about.

I stay calm I get the fish back under control.

At this post my get a glimpse of the fish at the end of my line.

I’m not great at guessing weight but I’m guessing around 6lb.

So I grab my net, slowly walk off the pontoon and climb down the slope to attempt to land the fish (All the time trying to keep the line tight).

I nearly land the fish but it decides one last attempt to bolt off.  After a littl bit more of a fight I finally have the bass safely in my landing net.

A slow fishing session turns into a memorial one. Such an amazing fight on my ultra light gear.

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