Ultra Light Fishing Budget Gear Guide

LRF Essential Kit List

As a passionate ultra light angler I’m keen to introduce people to the wonderful world of LRF  (light rock fishing).   

I know first hand it can be a daunting task understanding what to buy and what not to buy when first starting out.   To help people that are new to the hobby I’ve provided an essential kit list.

Ultra Light fishing is a wonderful hobby and with the list below I’m going to prove getting started doesn’t need to break the bank!

The list consists of quality gear that will get you started at a low price.    All items are available on Amazon.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”


HTO Urban Finesse

The HTO Urban Finesse 0.5g to 5g provides amazing value for money.  This incredible rod is capable of casting tiny lures and catching big fish.   I cannot stress enough how great this rod is.  

Amazon Link Below



Shimano FX 1000 FC

This is a great little budget reel.   I’ve landed some huge fish on mine and have no complaints.  The reel represents great value for money.  

Amazon link is below



Diawa J Braid

Diawa J Braid 0.06mm 9lbs is a quality braid which is forgiving , affordable and perfect for the begginer.

Amazon link below.

https://amzn.to/3xXa6Y8 ki



Verms are one of my favourite lures to use. They catch a variety of fish and are my go to for big bass.   Best thing about them is they are really cheap and can be reused. 

Amazon link below.


Savage Gear Sandeel kit

The savage gear Sandeel kit provides excellent value for money.   The kit includes 20 Lures and Jig Heads.    Perfect for the begginer starting out.

Amazon link below.


Bits and Bobs


You don’t need a lots of tackle for ultra light fishing but hooks are an essential piece of kit.  I   recommend buying a variety of hooks ranging from size 8 to 14 (I use 14 the most).   I recommend kamasan hooks.

Amazon link below.


Jig heads

Along with regular hooks jig heads are another essential item.  They come in all shapes, hook sizes and weights.   I recommend a size 8 hook to get started.

Amazon link below



Split Shot

Another essential item than has a variety of uses.   I mainly use them for split Shot rigs and a cheap dropshot weight alternative.  A must have item for sure.

Amazon link below


Other items to consider

Although essential items I don’t  feel like it’s nessesary to recommend any of the below items as they mainly come down to personal preference.

  • Landing net
  • Small bits boxes
  • A rucksack/bag
  • Head torch/flashlight

Final thoughts

I truly hope I’ve inspired you and you now realise you don’t need to spend a lot of money to start ultra light fishing.

Ultra light fishings a a truly wonderful hobby.  No other type of fishing has ever filled my with so much joy as ultra light.

If you’ve not started yet, I urge you to take the plunge and discover how addictive it is for yourself.

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