Do I need a landing net? 

A net is both better for the fish and the fishermen . So it is highly recommended you bring an appropriate net with you on your ultra light fishing trip !

Considering we are using light lines and an ultra light setup a landing net is an essential peice of kit in our fishing arsenal! 

Why should I use a landing net? 

Fishing is unpredictable and you might think you won’t need a net when you’re only fishing of tiddlers but who knows when a fish of a lifetime is going to take your lure! 

It’s always better to be prepared then underprepared.   You do not want that fish of a lifetime to become the one that got away because you forgot or neglected this essential piece of fishing kit. 


Landing net’s are better for the fish! 

The sooner you can land your fish the less stressed the fish will be.  This increases the fishes survival rate if you plan on catch and release. 

As fishermen we have a duty of care and owe our prey the respect it deserves.  A net reduces the time and stress during the most stressful part of the fight (landing the fish).

A net also helps reduce the time the fish is handled by the fishermen, a time when the fish is likely to sustain injuries, lose scales, slim e.t.c. 

If practicing catch and release a net also allows a gentler and less shocking release when the fish can slowly, gentley and purposely be reintroduced back to it’s home environment. 

It makes me mad when I see other angler’s that shoe lack of respect for the fish and simply  launch fish back into water with zero regard for the fishes wellbeing or life. 

It literally breaks my heart to see dead fish floating on the top of the water because angler’s neglected their responsibility to have due care for the fish they are targeting. 


Landing nets are better for the fishermen!

Cod I caught from a seawall. Without a net it would have been impossible to land this fish .

As angler’s we all know the waters we fish are very diverse, this includes rivers, lakes, docks, harbours, off bridges, on rocks , clifftops, from boats e.t.c. These are just a few of the possible places we might find ourselves trying to land a large fish that is thrashing about in the water trying to not get caught.

A net makes our job considerably easier.

As we all know landing the fish is the most dangerous and  most hectic part of the fight.

The risk of loosing a fish that’s thrashing about in the water is great and the risk from potential hazards in our environment increases dramatically during this time.

A landing net is a tool that helps reduce the risks to ourselves, greatly increases the chance of catching the fish and is kinder to the fish.

Landing nets are a no brainer! 


How to choose the right landing net

Now I’ve talked about why use a landing net now I’m going to talk about a few different options regarding landing nets.   

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Basic foldable landing net. 

Cheap foldable landing net. Very basic.

Relatively low price compact and the basic all around landing net.   It has its limitations regarding where it can be used but in my opinion everyone should own one of these as a bare minimum. 

 Telescopic landing net


I use a 4 meter lineaffe handle (because it’s cheap and strong enough)
I pair my handle with this shake and dry net. Cheap. Really robust and drys quickly

My personal favourite! Slightly more expensive and bulkier than the standard foldable landing net, but essentially in some situations.   What I like about this net is the different choices of pole length and net shape and size. 

I personally favour this type of net due to the area I usually fish.  My lrf fishing spot of choice is at my local dock .   I fish from the dock wall where I am high up from the water.

My local lrf fishing spot

The telescopic net with its extra long extendable pole allows me reach over the railings and scoop large fish out the water that are thrashing about a few meters (about 10 feet below me).

Without this essential piece of kit it would be impossible for me to land larger fish without me going for a swim and getting very cold and wet!



The drop net

These nets essential when fishing from a a significant height such as when fishing from a bridge.

Without a drop net it would be impossible to land large fish  from these fishing spots.

The great thing about drop nets is the great height they allow you to land fish at.    That height is easily adjustable and can me increased simply by attaching a longer top. 

Final thoughts

I didn’t want to list every type of landing net on the market.  As they are very situational and there are many types out there to suit all situations and budgets. 

My goal here was to stress the importance of landing nets in lrf fishing and why we should all own them and be using them.  


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