Cheap DIY rod protector

My DIY fishing rod protector. I made this hard travel case for free out to bits that I had laying around the house.

After snapping my favourite LRF fishing rod in the car door, I needed a protective to keep my new rod safe while in transport. This is what I came up with.

Items you will need

  • Cord (I’m using green parachord)
  • PVC Pipe that snuggly fits your rod

How to build

Cut some PVC pipe (I’m using 1.5 inch diameter) so it’s a couple of inches longer than your rod.
Drilled 2 holes at each end of the pipe. 4 holes in total (2 in the top and 2 in the bottom)
Thread a long length of cord through the bottom two holes and secured with a simple knot at one end (the bottom). The cord will secure the rod and stop it from falling out of the bottom of the rod holder when in transport.
Now tie the other end of the long length of cord top the opposite end of the time (the top). This will make a good adjustable shoulder strap for carrying the rod in the transport tube.
At the top of the rod holder last (two holes) I secured a short length of cord through a single hole. This will allow me to secure rod in the holder with a simple knot at the top.
After placing the rod into the holder, thread the small end of the cord through the open hole (not being used) and tie a simple knot that can easily be undone. This will secure the rod and stop it from falling out the top end
The rod is now ready for transport in it’s new DIY protective hard case. Now it’s time to go fishing :).

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