The Dropshot

Why use a Dropshot rig?

The Dropshot rig was originally designed for vertical fishing in deep water, but over time this highly effective rig has been adapted to fish in all manner of ways.

The Dropshot is effective all year round and can be fished in shallow water down to 2 foot deep and down to depths of 100 feet.

The rig can be fished straight down or can be cast. The main advantages of the dropshot are the bait or lure can be worked in a very specific area, such as near walls, jetties or other fish holding structures.

The weight anchors the lure to the seabed and small subtle movements of the rod tip makes the lure come alive proving deadly to the fish waiting in ambush around these structures.

Another advantage of the Dropshot is flexibility. The design of the Dropshot weight allows angles to slide the weight easily along the mainline and quickly and easily change the depth the lure is worked.

The Dropshot is super simple, flexible and effective. It’s an essential rig to have in any anglers toolbox.

How to tie a Dropshot Knot

Here is an excellent video demonstration by FishingDiscoveries.Com on how to tie a dropshot knot.

My Dropshot Rig

Isome Dropshot fished close to the bottom

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